About Us

ZENZI is curated with passion for those who deserve to be clothed in only the best fabric, quality and design. Every piece and design is a trendsetter for the perfect You, at a disruptive price. ZENZI provides a versatile and fearless wardrobe for the real woman, an Individualist!
The group today comprises of a team of more than 95 people and together, we have a strong presence across Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Europe sector. Our group produces more than 200,000 pieces of high quality fashion monthly. Beside having a strong retail presence, the group is also an OEM production house for many international brands.
Why are we able to sell such high quality fashion with the best fabric and the finest details at an unfairly disruptive price? It is an in-house process from the designing to the production stage, without any middle-man or agents. ZENZI has its very own factory, occupying more than 120,000sf of space. Every piece and design is made, produced and controlled by our production and QC team with utmost care and attention. By being exposed to the international fabric fair for a bulk volume purchase of the best quality fabric, we always strive to give you our assurance that we choose from only the most up to date fabric selection. Efficient logistic and warehousing control. Sourcing the right product mix from the right market definitely plays a major part too.
Our innovative team of designers work with their mind and soul to produce more than 50 designs WEEKLY so that we can bring to you our winning selection on a frequent basis.
ZENZI is daring and fearless with our designs. ZENZI believes that all women should be given a chance to be clothed in only the best design and quality to bring out the best characteristics and personality packaged in a woman. This allows her to feel confident and yet be able to purchase her preferred selection at an unfairly disruptive price. After all, making you look good, feel good & confident is what ZENZI is all about.
An Individualist!